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The Claremont Health Studio is not your average Willesden Gym. We offer a bespoke nutrition and personal training package so that you get started on your health and fitness journey. We understand that healthy looks different on everyone and we work with you to set and achieve realistic goals.

If you’re already active you can still benefit from our services. Personal training isn’t just about learning to run faster, or preparing to lift heavier, with us you will address every aspect of your life. From how you sleep to how stressed you are. Our holistic approach evaluates your current situation, and we work with you to build a plan you will love sticking to.

Stop endlessly searching for a gym in Willesden Green London and discover the healthier and fitter version of yourself with us.

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Have you tried all the gyms near Willesden Green and still feel like you’re not your best self? You may benefit from our personal training offering. Learn how to totally transform your body from the inside, out. The Claremont Health Studio is much more than just a private gym, although our studio gym is very well equipped with everything you need on your fitness journey.

We offer three personal training packages that offer a range of services to help you reach optimal health in a timeframe that best suits your budget and lifestyle. If you’re already active you may only want training once a week to check your form, and to keep you on track. Others looking for a more intensive experience can opt for three sessions a week with a trainer alongside a nutrition plan.

All our plans start with an anthropometric assessment to establish the size, shape and composition of your body. We’ll use those results alongside evidence-based nutritional advice to create a plan you’ll love sticking to. Staying healthy shouldn’t be a chore, we want you to love your training and be motivated to keep it in the best shape from here on out. 

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