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Weight Loss

Specialist weight management services

There are many reasons why people choose to lose weight. From losing weight to gain control of a health condition, to preparing for a special event like a wedding. The support and guidance offered by a personal trainer can be invaluable in helping you on your weight loss journey,
ensuring that you are equipped with the tools and knowledge to reach your goals.

Nutrition and weight management

Claremont Health Studios work with you to make sure that you are adequately fueling your body to prepare for a new exercise regime. Committing to a holistic weight loss plan that incorporates personal training and nutrition, combined with developing mindset will allow you
to lose weight effectively and safely. Learn more about how we do this.

Weight Loss Diet

Weight loss food plan

As the saying goes, ‘you can’t out train a bad diet’, so be sure that it doesn’t matter how many miles you run, or how heavy you lift. If your diet plan for weight loss involves skimping on essential nutrients, then you won’t see results. Healthy meals for weight loss must be balanced
and tailored to each individuals’ needs and goals.

Every new client working with us starts with an initial consultation and a three day food diary to establish current habits. From there we tailor your weight loss diet plan to fit your lifestyle and preferences and provide weight loss tips throughout our time working together.

Weight Loss Foods

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Best foods for weight loss

Despite what the media says, there are no set ‘good weight loss foods’. There is only moderation, mindful eating and good nutrition. You could try living on celery and cottage cheese but not only would you get very bored, very quickly, you would also deny your body of important vitamins and minerals that contribute to overall health.

Weight loss meal plan

The best foods for weight loss are the real whole foods that you enjoy eating. In our opinion picking nutrient dense sweet potato over refined carbohydrates, and balancing your macronutrients over the course of a day is the best way to approach healthy meals for weight loss. Of course, if you have health conditions or dietary requirements that require extra consideration we would work with you to design a plan that’s simple to stick to and effective for your body.

Weight Loss Exercise

Effective weight loss programs are designed to be enjoyed

In the same way you wouldn’t choose to exist on just one low-calorie food, we wouldn’t expect you to do exactly the same thing every time you hit the gym. A gym workout for weight loss ought to be varied and challenging, to make sure that you don’t plateau with your results.

Designing a weight loss workout plan

Working with a personal trainer is the best way to create a plan that you’ll want to stick to. Together you can set realistic goals in order to avoid injury and disappointment, and you may discover a form of exercise your truly love.

Weight training for weight loss

Strength training has gathered a lot of support in recent years, as research suggests lifting weights builds more muscle than cardio. Building muscle will keep your body strong and healthy long into old age. If you’ve been going to the gym for weight loss and aren’t happy with your results, or don’t know where to start with weight loss exercise, book in for a free session.


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Healthy Weight Loss

Weight loss motivation must come from a health conscious place

Otherwise you risk taking drastic measures to lose weight quickly. This can result in unsustainable results and an unhealthy cycle of yo-yo-ing. Healthy weight management is an adjustment to your lifestyle and every day decisions, as opposed to a regimented meal plan for extreme loss.

How to control hunger for weight loss

The key to healthy weight loss is to choose nutrient dense foods, or volume eat low-calorie, nutrient-high vegetables so that you don’t feel hunger in the first place. Healthy fats including nuts and avocado in moderation are excellent at staving off hunger pangs and keeping you feeling fuller for longer.

Unhealthy causes of weight loss such as starvation and extreme exercise can cause long-lasting damage to your body and mental health. A healthy weight loss plan will always put optimal health and nutrition at its core, to ensure that your body is receiving the nutrients it needs to
perform day-to-day activities, as well as recover from any exercise regime you take on.


Weight Management

The best weight management strategies provide lasting results

Drastically overhauling your diet may not be as effective as making small changes to your daily routine. Simple swaps that you can adhere to combined with a reinvigorated exercise regime may just provide the body transformation you are looking for. Well known weight management classes claim to provide life changing results, but only if you follow their rules, or eat their own-branded pre-packaged food.

Diet and weight management must not only be focused on weight loss

Instead centre nutrition to ensure you’re as healthy as can be, especially if you’re going to be starting a new exercise regime.

Weight management is much more complicated than simply eating less & moving more

Especially if you have an underlying health condition that makes it difficult to shift weight, however that doesn’t mean that it can’t be simple, for you. A tailored diet or exercise plans is key in ensuring that you meet your goals.

Weight Management Programs


Lifestyle and weight management doesn’t have to be daunting

How do you get ‘beach body ready’ when you are overwhelmed with all the conflicting information available? Carbs, or no carbs? Is cholesterol is only good for you in eggs? A weight management plan from Claremont Health Studio will simplify all the health jargon and so that you can concentrate on making the right food choices, and enjoy any personal training sessions you might want to take up.

You don’t need to take a formal nutrition and weight management course to know how to look after your body. All we ask is that you are open to making some changes and committed to working with us, following our healthy weight management programme. Learn more about how
we can help you here.

Weight Control

Changing your eating habits and weight control go hand-in-hand

Understanding how your body processes what you put into it is how to control weight naturally. You can then start implementing an exercise regime that will build strength and burn fat in order to amplify your weight loss.

If you have a condition that is affecting your health, or if your eating habits don’t include any real foods at all, a total diet replacement for weight control may be recommended. However we will never suggest anything that you couldn’t maintain for an extended period of time. Slow and steady life changes will result in regaining control over your weight, your health and ultimately your happiness.

Claremont Health Studio focus on helping clients improve their overall health and fitness. We will create a program that makes you feel better, gives you more energy and reduces your chances of diseases, all whilst helping you to lose weight and fit into your clothes.


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