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If you are stuck in a diet and fitness rut, failing to see the results you want, consider what you could achieve with 1:1 support and guidance tailored to your needs. Dr. Amir Emadian based at Claremont Health Studio is a personal trainer in Holloway offering unique nutrition and personal training services designed to kickstart your journey towards optimal health. Healthy is not the same for everyone, and very much depends on your current lifestyle. If what you’re doing now isn’t working, we can help you discover what healthy and fit looks like for you and get you there in a sustainable way.

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At The Claremont Health Studio we take a holistic look at health and fitness, ensuring our clients’ personal training fits them perfectly. When you enjoy what you’re doing at the gym and have a ‘diet’ that suits your tastes managing your weight and getting fit is a breeze. Staying healthy should never feel like a chore and we will work with you to set a pace you can maintain outside of the pt sessions. Personal training is not just about losing weight. If you have health concerns, mobility issues or want to overhaul your diet we can help.

The three PT packages we offer are designed to suit a range of budgets and can be as intensive as you like, depending on how quickly you would like to see results. We always begin with a basic health test in order to address any health concerns before starting to train. Your tailor-made plan is designed with your current lifestyle in mind. It uses evidence-based nutritional strategies, to transform you from the inside, out.

All training takes place in the modern gym studio which is fully equipped with shower and change facilities on site. Our clients enjoy the benefits of a gym, but with a much more bespoke service.

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